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Resources and publications

Tread Lightly!'s Guide to Responsible Dirt Biking

In response to the multi-generational popularity of the sport of off-highway motorcycling, Tread Lightly! has produced a new publication, Tread Lightly!'s Guide to Responsible Dirt Biking. This booklet will help you prepare for an enjoyable outdoor experience and still have a positive influence on nature and those around you. It covers proper operation of dirt bikes, safety and courtesy on the trail, tips for negotiating tough terrain, equipment safety checklists, and tips for planning a trip. It also includes Tread Lightly! principles as they relate to dirt bike riding, and low impact camping tips.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Kawasaki, 50,000 copies have been printed and will be distributed nationwide. It is the third in a series which include the Guide to Responsible Four-Wheeling and the Guide to Responsible Mountain Biking.

For a current product catalog, contact Tread Lightly! at (800) 966-9900 or

East Coast Greenway's State of the Trail Report

The East Coast Greenway Alliance has released its State of the Trail Report on the status of the Maine-to-Florida project. The report has color maps of the specific route linkages in five states from Massachusetts to New Jersey, with photos and details on the status and condition of each proposed link.

Copies of the report are available for $5 (make checks payable to OSI/ECGA) from the East Coast Greenway Alliance, 481 Post Road, Wakefield RI 02879; (401) 789-1706; E-mail: Also see the Greenway's Web site at:

1998 National 4-H Grant Opportunities

4-H is offering over $200,000 for five grant programs:

Community Tree Planting Grant Program (DEFT, Inc.)

Youth in Action/Community Service (Metropolitan Life Foundation)

Involving People with Disabilities (National Organization on Disability, J.C. Penney Company, Inc.)

Workforce Preparation Grants (Cargill, Inc.)

"R-3 It" Recycling Grants (Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America)

For over 10 years, National 4-H Council has offered grants to provide opportunities for young people and adults to take action on issues critical to their lives, their families and communities. Grants allow 4-H Council corporate partners to make a direct impact at the grass roots level. For these programs the direct involvement of youth at all stages is essential. Youth take the lead in the project design, proposal writing process, implementation, and evaluation of funded projects.

The deadline for applications is October 27, 1997. For information: National 4-H Grant Programs, Attn: Linda Oravecz , National 4-H Council , 7100 Connecticut Avenue , Chevy Chase, MD 20815.

Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook

This recent U.S. Forest Service publication has guidelines on trail location, maintenance, trail tread, dealing with wetlands, how to cut logs, how to deal with "critters," fencing, signing. Copies are available from the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Clearinghouse: (800) 760-6272.

Trail Blazer magazine covers the trails scene

This full-color bi-monthly equestrian trails magazine covers both recreation and competition, including new products, trail issues, case studies, personal trail stories, cybertrail information, completion directories, and highlights of beautiful trails across America. Subscriptions to Trail Blazer are $22 /yr from Trail Blazer, 18245 Rock Springs Court, Bend OR 97701; (541) 389-4628; E-mail:

On-line trail planner for D.C.-area touring

The Tri-state Bike Trail group's 1997 Bike Trail Planner is now available for three trails: the C & O along the Potomac River in Maryland, and the W & O D and Mt. Vernon trails in Virginia. It includes B & B's that welcome bicyclists and hikers. The planner can be downloaded (in Word or WordPerfect) free from: A printed copy can also be ordered from Don and Pam McMurray, The Norris House Inn (800) 644-1806.

New report on Funding River Conservation

The River Federation has produced a new publication called Funding River Conservation in the States: Diverse Sources, Promising Trends. It covers watershed planning, greenways planning, and acquisition programs. Copies of the report are available from Rob Campellone, National Park Service, (202) 565-1198.

American Discoveries: The story of the ADT

Ellen Dudley and Eric Seaborg's book on their 4,835-mile trek is called American Discoveries: Scouting the First Coast-to-Coast Recreational Trail, published by The Mountaineers Books. The authors recount 14 months of adventures in their trip along proposed routes for the American Discovery Trail. The book won the Barbara Savage "Miles from Nowhere" award for personal narrative that vividly conveys the "risks, joys, hardships, triumphs, and moments of humour" of outdoor adventure.