NOMINATION FORM to enter websites in the annual contest

Send nominations to: American Trails at

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Organization _____________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________ State ________ Zip ________

E-mail _________________________________________ Phone ___________________

WEBSITE NOMINATION (one site per form, please):

Website address: http://____________________________________________________

Website name ___________________________________________________________

Sponsoring group or agency ________________________________________________

Website manager _________________________________________________________

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DESCRIBE why you think this website should be recognized. Be specific and include any background you think is important. One page maximum.

CATEGORY FOR AWARD CONSIDERATION (check one or up to three):

___State agency site

___Trails on federal lands

___Community trails system

___Trail organization or club website

___Personal or individual's site

___ Designated National Recreation Trail website

___ Presentation of plans and proposals

___Education and trails training site

___Graphics and site design

___Best use of photographs

___ Art and trails

___Trail tour or virtual visit

___Accessible trails

___Recognition and promotion of volunteerism

___Best site for kids and families

___Trail-related business or product

___Travel and tourism site for trails

___International trails

___Promotion of trail courtesy and trail sharing

___Trail finder and database site

Send nominations to: American Trails at

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