Our Mission | To amplify the voice of a diverse trails community. Our shared values, collaboration, education, and communication ensures trails continue to move us all. Help us raise awareness of the economic, social, and political value of trails.


Trails Move…


Trails make us happy! American Trails promotes interaction between and understanding of trail communities that are typically unfamiliar with each other.


Trails are smart! American Trails builds political and community understanding that trails provide effective transportation options throughout any urban area suffering from congestion or poor community health.


Trails make us healthy! American Trails ensures that the trails provide individual and community health and well-being.


Trails make financial sense! American Trails provides community leaders with the tools to create attractive and safe communities, increase property values, enhance marketability, and boost home sales.

Where would we be without trails?

Your donation makes a difference. Our goal is to raise $45,000 this year to support our great programs, like:

Here is how you can help:

  • Donate – any amount helps, but donations over $50 receive a “Trail Boss” vintage camping mug
  • Become an American Trails Member – yearly membership for an individual, nonprofit, agency, and corporate member levels)

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